We train medical and dental
professionals in non surgical
aesthetic interventions to the
highest standard


FACE DESIGN Lab is a medical franchise concept, born out of Dr. Ivona Igerc 20 years’ experience in the field of aesthetic and anti aging medicine.

FACE DESIGN franchise is meant to be implemented by those who want to step out into the world of minimally invasive aesthetic medicine and anti ageing (preventive) medicine.

FACE DESIGN can also be converted into an individual praxis and stand alone, as it offers great possibilities for young doctors, to instantly commute to this challenging medical field.

We train medical professionals in non surgical aesthetic interventions to the highest

Face design lab

Dr. Ivona Igerc

Since graduating from the Medical University of Croatia in 2000, Dr. Igerc has been working in dental and aesthetic field in Croatia, China and most recently United Kingdom. Dr. Igerc has also spoken at many international conferences, published a book and organized workshops and seminars to train medical professions in the field of Anti aging and Aesthetic medicine. Additionally Ivona has a very keen interest in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine and is currently involved in therapeutic applications with adipose derived stem cells. She is a bioscience trainer for regenerative medicine for stem cell education, AAFE President for HK / China, Bioscience trainer for regenerative medicine stem cell education and former AAFE President for HK / China.

FD Clinic

Face design clicnic

"Like a fine artist, when sculpting and defining the face, i ensure the countours of the face are beautifully smooth, and seamlessly blended. My knowledge of the facial anatomy and structure of the skin ensures that my work is not compromised when my clients move their face through facial expression. The overall result is a beautifully natural enhancement of each persons individual beauty."
Dr Ivona Igerc

Aesthetics Business Prospects

  • It is great to be in aesthetics business at present our patients are already out there, prepped and bombarded by media and promotional content via TV and internet, delivering, never to underestimated, peer pressure to being and staying beautiful, young, fit and energetic. These are the attributes associated with being successful and status symbols.
  • Furthermore, present senior population is becoming aware of aesthetics services and, with increasing disposable income and leisure time, this sub segment of the market is also experiencing rapid and healthy growth; Aesthetic treatments provided by preventive (anti aging) medicine help senior citizens age gracefully, stay fit and avoid certain age related diseases
  • The best of all is, that our many of the prospective end consumers are already there , whether in GP or dermatology praxis, dental clinics and offices, or wellness centres all waiting to be introduced to a great range of, and pay for, FACE DESIGN treatments.

Why is the Facial Aesthetic Market booming?

  • In the recent years the Aesthetics Industry has been booming and it is estimated to be worth $9.4bn globally in 2020*
  • The market is projected to grow at a CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of 10.9% in the next five years to reach $ 15.9 billion globally

Why is Facial Aesthetics proving to be so popular?

  • It is an ultimate shift away from surgical (invasive) to non surgical (non invasive) treatments
  • “Fight the aging with an injection not with a scalpel!”

Why is Facial Aesthetics proving to be so popular?

  • In recent years more and more celebrities have revealed their use of Facial Aesthetics and their fans are now following the suite in increasing numbers
  • Increasing media coverage is furthering the case for Facial Aesthetics making it also much more socially acceptable

Why is Facial Aesthetics proving to be so popular?

  • Although most people think of wrinkle treatments when they hear the word Botox®, it actually used to be more prescribed for medical reasons
  • Auxiliary Botox® can be used to treat Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and salivary gland drooling Migraines, TMJ disorders and Mio facial pain
  • Patients are now demanding a wide range of products to treat more and more areas and the average spend per patient in clinics is raising
  • On Face Design advanced Botox® and Dermal Fillers course we teach many of these specialist treatments such as Neck & Plastysma Band Botox®, Jawline Botox® and Hand Fillers
  • Savvy practitioners are now cross training in the latest techniques to ensure they hold onto their regular clients and can up sell a wider range of treatments to them
  • At Face Design we also provide a window into a fast growing world of regenerative medicine and stem cells.

Beauty is the
natural craving of
the human being!

Face Design lab FRANCHISE

The Story

  • We will bring the FACE DESIGN CONCEPT alive to you, enable you to work independently, to generate profits and have satisfied clients.
  • We do plan therapies, train doctors , control the professional skill level of doctors and practitioners, and bring necessary innovations, each year, as the field of minimally invasive aesthetic medicine and anti aging medicine is continuously advancing.
  • FACE DESIGN CONCEPT will deliver to you a great environment, high rate of patient satisfaction, quality control of medical devices and quality control of skills for doctors performing the treatments.
  • Year by year, your own FD Franchise will get updated with the newest technologies; we will bring you the highest end signature treatments, fresh, new and challenging, in the aesthetic and regenerative medical field.
  • Signature treatments bring the highest value in branding and positioning FD as being truly unique in the market.
  • Our control over professionals ( doctors) performing the treatments, makes any owner confident of medical management, and marketing, of their own FD centre.
  • That is the retrograde control mechanism, important to protect the business itself.
  • FACE DESIGN is a MULTIPURPOSE CONCEPT with a holistic approach reaching for patient treatments, patient education and patient socializing in order to bring the wellbeing and high rate of medical satisfaction, into our body and soul and all the mind
  • In facial aesthetics there is no place for mistakes associated with starting up a new venture/business results must be stunning, perfect and natural. We need always more enhanced and rejuvenated face on the way out of our FD clinics.
  • So what are you waiting for you should become a part of the exciting and very profitable world of aesthetics and the best way to get involved in the most profitable way is to play it in a safe and guided way so do choose to become a part of our family!

The Brand

  • In many ways the Franchisee is the brand holder and the brand ambassador so it is crucial for the Franchisee to nurture the same “mind set” that represents the Story of Face Sculpturing by Face Design.
  • The atmosphere of aesthetic clinic must be right, aesthetics must be felt, seen and sensed with the very first step into the Face Design Franchisee interior.
  • Interior design must be sophisticated (boutique clinic ), that our clients don’t feel treated in a typical medical environment. We talk on luxury part of medicine, and we deal with expensive therapies, and exquisite people who can afford such treatments.
  • The atmosphere should be luxury, minimalistic and not suffocated with a plethora of medical devices, machines and furniture.
  • Music is to reflect the interior, and radiate for itself, being combined with arts, sculpture and paintings. This is our idea of aesthetic medicine, as an interdisciplinary field with arts. Music and Arts together can create a category of educative or “soul wellness”.
  • Our client is not just going to be enhanced from outside, but inside as well.
  • There is no medical branch which needs such an absolute perfection and balance into for all senses visualizing, hearing, smelling and touching as aesthetic medicine does!

Heaven of bEauty

Heaven of beauty

Franchise Services & Products

  • The technology we will source for you!
  • The treatments we will summarize for you!
  • The practitioners we will train for you
  • The supplies we will source for you!
  • We will advise you on the entire set up of your clinic in a holistic way
  • We will do it in the best way to meet and satisfy the high demanding expectations of today’s clients!

Courses & Training

  • Foundation Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Refresher courses
  • Further Guided Hands on Support
  • Bespoke 1 to 1 Training
  • Online Courses
  • Webinars Medical
  • Webinars Business
  • E ducation of the doctor s through AFD London

All signature TREATMENTS are done with Dr. Ivona unique approach which is named Sfumato. Dr Ivona believes that everyone carries the magic on his/ hers face and it is manifested in facial features and curves. In her concept, beauty is based on natural and organic look.

  • Face Design
  • Smile Design
  • 5D Face sculpt
  • Killer Jaw
  • Earlobes Rejuvenation
  • Lip Flip
  • Cell Food
  • Stem Cell
  • Face Contouring
  • Red Carpet Treatments
  • Luxury Beauty Talks


Sales of medical devices and products

  • dermal fillers
  • pdo threads ETC
  • after care (creams

Medical Monitoring

Setting up a Franchise Medical Centre

Project Development Phase

Special aesthetic and regenerative needs for the prospective clients Detailed procedure(s) with specific timeframe for all of the
following elements

  • Product Training
  • Technical Training
  • Staffing
  • Policies
  • Office Equipment and inventory
  • Procurement guidelines

Project Operations Phase

We will define a detailed procedure that will ensure brand quality and business model sustainability on an everyday basis:

  • Brand quality and communication standards
  • Administration procedures
  • Instruments lasers, radio frequencies, dermal fillers, threads, bonta
  • Interior design posh, wellbeing, boutique clinic, medical arts
  • Marketing activities
  • Sales and pricing
  • Reporting

Project Operations Phase

Products & Therapies

  • Therapies aesthetics and regenerative medicine (stem cells adipose derived)
  • Therapies are based on Dr. Igerc’s expertise and experience on making special tailor made treatments which are combined crossovers or overlapping therapies, using always more than one medical device, in order to bring the best
    aesthetic/regenerative results in no down time period.
  • Opening local training academies from where we recruit doctors and update them in new techniques as well.
  • A Frachised Medical Centre will be buying medical devices and cosmetics/cosmeceuticals (products) that is decided by the franchise through franchising sales channel.

Be different, successful and profitable in aesthetics

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